Error: Hg timed out waiting for a lock held by

This appears to be an underlying problem in Mercurial on OSX when using AFP. Further information can be found here

several users have reported that manually deleting the wlock file works. They have reported:

  • this is a serious issue actually, and I encounter it intermittently. Making sure MacHg is shut down, removing the wlock file, and then re-comitting and pushing VIA TERMINAL is the only solution I've found. If MacHG is launched before using terminal, it locks again.

  • this is actually a serious issue. To get around the lock, you have to shut down MacHg, remove the wlock file in /.hg, then perform your commit and push or other tasks in terminal. If you launch MacHg before going through terminal, it locks again. Very frustrating.

If you encounter this please add to the bug report here so I can track this.